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COMING SOON! New Flow Management E-chips for Poseidon Electrochemistry

Gas generation is inevitable in reactions like the oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and hydrogen
evolution reaction (HER), but can be detrimental in such a small space like a TEM system.

Our new Flow Management E-chips are a small E-chip that enables:

  • Swift removal of unwanted gas bubbles to prevent ending an experiment prematurely
  • Controlled creation and removal of bubbles, if desired, for trying to increase imaging resolution
  • Extended electrical potential ranges due to increased amounts of liquid in the right areas
  • Best compromise between a bulk-like environment with larger amounts of liquid around the reference and counter electrodes, but thin layers of liquid in the imaging area

Pair with our new thinner-spacer (100 nm) Electrochemistry E-chips for the highest success rates with the thinnest liquid layers. Join our waitlist to be notified of these new E-chips' availability for order: Waitlist Sign-up


Protochips E-chips are expertly designed sample supports using advanced semiconductor technology for all our in situ systems. Protochips offers the widest variety of MEMS-based E-chip designs on the market across the liquid, gas, and heating/electrical in situ platforms to ensure any sample can be accommodated and studied in its native environment. All current E-chip offerings are backwards compatible to most legacy Protochips in situ systems.

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Need replacement gaskets or tubing for your Protochips system? Or are you looking for tools to support sample preparation? You can find both right here! Order your replacement needs for Fusion Select, Atmosphere, and Poseidon Select online at your convenience. In addition, be sure to check out our newest sample preparation tools like the Shadow Mask and FIB Stub for the best reproducibility in sample preparation for all experience levels.

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